Isn't food so symbolic?  Not only is food a matter of sustenance and survival, but is symbolic of unity, togetherness and in many ways, love.  We gather around dinner tables together for family unity.  In some cultures, certain types of food are served at certain times of the year for symbolic purposes.  When we gather with friends, food is often a means of sharing and fellowship.

I think that these types of traditions and sentiments towards food are especially prevalent in the Hawaiian culture.  When I speak of "Hawaiian" culture, I speak more of what it is today as opposed to the culture of old.  Today's Hawaiian culture (particularly in terms of food) is a wonderful blend of traditions of the ethnicities that have made the islands what they are today.  

As a maui-grown, mainland bound (for the time being) kama'aina, I look for every opportunity stay connected to my roots.  Food is one of my key ways.  This blog is meant to be a place in which "aloha" is shared through recipes, reviews and experiences revolving around Hawaiian Food.  In my opinion, Hawaiian food is truly for the soul.

Happy reading.  Especially...happy eating.